翔越股份有限公司 was founded in 1990 as a professional rolling door manufacturer. It adopts corporate management and management, and has the most solid related industrial technology. In order to further meet the operational needs of government agencies and architect firms, it has added A variety of materials and different forms of rolling doors, such as 60A stainless steel, galvanized paint, PVF100% fluorine resin steel plate, Mitsubishi resin steel plate, flower format, etc., and the introduction of explosion-proof rolling door machines, automatic fire-resistant rolling doors and other equipment from abroad. Strengthen services to all walks of life.


  • The most accurate design planning
  • The most accurate quality assurance
  • The fastest schedule coordination
  • The most perfect after-sales service

Our products are constantly researched and developed by engineers, with constant efforts and with reference to CNS and JIS specifications, and strict requirements in the selection of materials, so that all products can achieve the highest safety and become the safest and most durable in Taiwan. , The most beautiful professional rolling door manufacturing company.